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Whole30 Homemade Mayo

Whole30 Homemade Mayo

Whole30 Homemade Mayo

DO IT just like this and use these exact products and it will be perfect every time!  I added the olive oil and egg into a 2 cup measuring cup and let sit for 5-minutes, then add the powdered mustard, kosher salt and lemon juice, let sit for 1-minute.  Use an emulsion blender (mine is linked here), put the emulsion blender to the very bottom of the measuring cup, turn on high and hold at the bottom for 10-15 seconds before bringing the blender up and down slowly to whip the mayo.  Transfer to an airtight container like a mason jar, or plastic container.  Use this any time you use mayo, tuna/chicken salad, on your bun less burgers, to make homemade ranch or other dips, etc. I love to make my own ranch with dill and minced/garlic press fresh garlic, you can also add diced jalapeno for a little spice.  Another idea is chipotle mayo, cilantro and lime, get creative!

Love, Olive and Honey

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