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Whole30 Bulletproof Coffee

Whole30 Bulletproof Coffee

Let’s not talk until coffee….

Whole30 Bulletproof Coffee

These are the products I use in my daily bulletproof coffee.  I either use the 4th and Heart Vanilla Ghee or the Coconut Manna but not both.  I never go without the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and nutpods French Vanilla creamer.  I use various types of K-cup pods, just whatever I’m in the mood for or grab.  I typically add one scoop of the collagen peptides unless I know I have a bear of a day coming my way and I use 1 tsp of the fat (ghee or coconut manna).

This morning routine is a GREAT way to get protein and good fat in first thing in the morning! It will help keep you full and satisfied until lunch.

TIP: I add the Vital Proteins in FIRST before the Ghee or Coconut Manna because it doesn’t mix well reversed.  You can also use a milk frother to blend it up rather than going to all the trouble to blend it.

I’ve linked all products here but you can also order any of these on Amazon.



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