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Whole30 Compliant Banana Pancakes


Now look, having a pancake might be pushing the Whole30 “rules”. However, I’m far enough into eating Whole30 that in my mind it’s just another complaint ingredient meal!


1 ripe banana

2 eggs

1/4 cups of almond flour

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

β€’In a glass measuring cup with a pour spout mash up the banana and mash it up really good trying to get as many lumps out

β€’Add in the 2 eggs, mix well into the mashed banana

β€’Add in the 1/4 almond flour, mix well into the banana and egg mixture

β€’Add 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon, mix well into the banana mixture

Heat a flat skillet on medium/high, add in 1 tbsp of ghee. Once the ghee is hot start to pour pancakes. You’ll need to make these in 2 batches. 3 in 1 batch and 2 in the second batch. Cook just like you would a regular pancake BUT, watch them closely, they burn easily because they’re primarily egg. You might want to turn down your pan heat once you get the pan hot and ready to roll!

I top with Trader Joe’s cashew butter, sliced almonds and unsweetened coconut flakes.

You could add blueberries to the mix or add any kind of Whole30 compliant toppings you’d like.

Love, Olive and Honey


Recipes/ Whole30

Whole30 Homemade Mayo

Whole30 Homemade Mayo

Whole30 Homemade Mayo

DO IT just like this and use these exact products and it will be perfect every time!Β  I added the olive oil and egg into a 2 cup measuring cup and let sit for 5-minutes, then add the powdered mustard, kosher salt and lemon juice, let sit for 1-minute.Β  Use an emulsion blender (mine is linked here), put the emulsion blender to the very bottom of the measuring cup, turn on high and hold at the bottom for 10-15 seconds before bringing the blender up and down slowly to whip the mayo.Β  Transfer to an airtight container like a mason jar, or plastic container.Β  Use this any time you use mayo, tuna/chicken salad, on your bun less burgers, to make homemade ranch or other dips, etc. I love to make my own ranch with dill and minced/garlic press fresh garlic, you can also add diced jalapeno for a little spice.Β  Another idea is chipotle mayo, cilantro and lime, get creative!

Love, Olive and Honey

Recipes/ Whole30

Whole30 GAME DAY

Whole30 GAME DAY

Game Day Whole30

Who’s ready for some FOOTBALL!Β  Since the playoff games are always in January and February, and people are motivated to eat healthy in during these months I felt like it would be helpful to give you some Whole30 ideas so that you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing on GAME DAY!Β  GAME DAY can happen without queso dip!

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