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“Food is the Glue”.

Hola! I’m Brandy, the creator of Love, Olive and Honey food and wellness blog. My two little dogs, Olive and Honey are the inspiration to the blogs namesake! They are just so cute I had to fold them into my blog project. I live in a “small” city called Amarillo, Texas, home of the 72-ounce STEAK. If eaten in one hour its FREE; I tried and failed. I have worked for a local TV station for the last 25-years and absolutely LOVE clean food, educating, coaching, travel, wine and giving back to my community. I’m also a 25-year veteran to the group fitness industry and new to the world or running.

I am proud to say I am a member of the Whole30 community! I did my first Whole30 several years ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer for the third time! I knew that food has a big role in the recovery of a cancer patient and I truly believe our diets and environmental surroundings play a critical part of cancer prevention. Whole30 has completely changed our lives, our relationship with food and my relationship with cooking dinner every-night! I have always loved cooking and I come from a family of fantastic cooks, but because of having to get creative while on Whole30, I’ve learned to have more fun with it and try new recipes. I truly enjoy sharing food with friends and family, as a friend once told me, “Food is the Glue”.

I hope you enjoy my blog for food, travel, wine, and all things wellness. Please tell your circle of friends to join me in my blogging adventure.


Olive and Honey